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Bay Area Indoor Media is based in Tampa Bay, Florida and specializes in providing advertising solutions and opportunities for local businesses. Our mission is to provide business professionals with affordable and effective advertising opportunities.  We want to do everything possible to help our clients succeed, gain more customers and grow their businesses.  All of our advertising services are currently provided in the Tampa Bay, FL metro area.

Effective Advertising Choices

This is a rapidly growing form of advertising for businesses of all types.  We place flat screen LCD/LED Display Monitors in busy, high customer traffic areas to provide high exposure for our advertisers.  Our Monitors display the advertising content on a non-stop basis to ensure the high exposure possible for our advertisers.  This form of advertising is very efficient, effective and much more affordable than most people think. For more information about this form of advertising, click on the subheading for this paragraph.

We have full color advertising choices available in a variety of styles.  The first form of print advertising is our 2' x 3' full color posters placed in the restrooms of numerous high customer traffic establishments throughout the Tampa Bay area.  For anyone attempting to achieve a captured audience, our restroom poster Ad space will certainly provide that opportunity.  Our second form of print advertising is in partnership with 5 local pizza establishments that involves a full color combination flyer with advertising spots and coupons from each of the pizza establishments.  Each customer of the pizza establishments receives a flyer with their order.  Over 12,500 customers per month!  It is a perfect way for our client's to reach their target market because it avoids postage and is kept by 90% of the customers in the kitchen area of their homes because of the value of the pizza coupons for the next time they order.  

See what full color, non-stop advertising in front of
hundreds of customers daily can do for your business!